Have an application for a video camera where off-the-shelf equipment won't work? For over 30 years AES has been building cameras for all types of video monitoring applications. We thrive on finding ways to solve the industry’s most difficult problems.

Sample Products:

IPS21 PTZ System - PTZ system with pressurized camera built for Chemical, dusty, and high temperature areas.  Options include air cooling, window spray ring for cleaning, stainless steel, quick disconnect, and explosion-proof manufacturing.

Water-cooled PTZ - PTZ camera system engineered for extremely hot temperature applications.  Closed cooling systems, using a water chiller, allows cameras to be installed in areas over 450° F.

Thermal Camera Enclosures - Fixed and PTZ housings with germanium window for thermal imaging applications.  Housings designed around various manufacturers thermal imaging cameras to allow them to be deployed in harsh environments. 

Video/Monitoring Components for Hazardous Areas. - AES builds camera assemblies, controls, junction boxes, and monitoring components for installation in explosion-proof, classified areas.

Custom Mounting - AES provides custom mounting options designed for mounting cameras in nearly any location. Past designs include inside tanks and vessels, quick disconnect, cranes, vehicles, process equipment, towers, and lowering systems.




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