Federal Building L4

Lloyd D. George United States Courthouse

Client: Federal Protective Service (Federal Buildings Level IV)
General Contractor: AES Systems
Project Description: Security System Upgrades for Level IV Federal Buildings
Project Timeline: 2000 – Current

Level IV Federal Buildings

This type of building has 450 or more federal employees; high volume of public contact; more than 150,000 square feet (14,000 m2) of space; and tenant agencies that may include high-risk law enforcement and intelligence agencies (e.g., ATFFBI, and DEA), the Federal courts, and judicial offices, and highly sensitive government records.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_federal_building_security

Project Description System Upgrades:

AES Systems has performed on hundreds of security system upgrades for many Level IV Federal Buildings all over the United States. System upgrades consist of the replacement of old legacy systems with new up-to-date video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control systems. All projects go through a strict bidding and vetting process to ensure the interested parties can qualify to perform on all aspects of the statement of work. Working federal buildings requires special project clearances to gain access and work inside the building. 

Video Surveillance

Installation of a new video surveillance system includes the following: 

The removal of all old head-end equipment, cameras, mounting hardware, furniture, and cabling. Once the old equipment is removed and disposed of, the new system components can be installed. 

New structured cabling – typically Cat6 is run to each camera location, cables are then terminated and tested. Installation of new cameras and mounting hardware follow in conjunction with the installation of new head-end equipment racks, UPS battery systems, recording servers, workstations, network switches, monitors, and new furniture desks.  AES installs and configures all system software, with the appropriate settings to optimize performance.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

IDS system upgrades include the installation of new alarm panels, door sensors, glass breaks, motion detectors, structured cabling, UPS battery systems. Once all devices are installed and the system is programed, a full system test is performed to confirm all points are communicating locally and with the central monitoring station.  AES works closely with Government Mega-centers to set-up remote monitoring of IDS systems.  

Access Control

The installation of a new access control system typically requires running composite cable to each door location or device. The installation of head-end equipment like, control boards, power supplies, and UPS systems. Installing program software on computer server to provide system management and user database storage. Some access control systems utilize cloud-based storage and management applications. 

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