Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are a key protective layer in your facility’s perimeter defense. Having specialized sensors to monitor and alert you when critical entry/exit points or expansive fence lines are breached, will prove extremely beneficial for protecting any facility.
When considering an intrusion detection system, using a reputable security integrator that can provide a reliable, secure, and simple to operate system should be a top priority. This way you get a specifically designed system to meet your needs.

IDS Components

IDS systems are typically made up of the following hardware components. These components can be hard-wired or wireless in application. AES Systems can provide in-depth knowledge of what will be most reliable, secure, and simplest to use.

  • Primary control panel and auxiliary boards
  • Keypads for arming/disarming and interacting with your system
  • Door and window sensors,
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors,
  • Buried ground sensors.
  • Duress buttons/panic pull stations
  • Fence mounted sensors
  • Buried fiber optic detection systems
  • Visible and thermal video cameras with detection analytics


Intrusion detection systems are designed to detect and react to facility security breaches. Keeping your IDS system reliable will require the use of quality products and services. AES partners with the leading manufactures and vendors to ensure reliable and trustworthy equipment is utilized for every design and installation.

Another way to maintain system reliability is to perform quarterly heath checks, by purposely generating alarms throughout your system. If your IDS system is monitored by a central station, it is best practice to ensure communication of all points for your IDS system are notifying the central station.

At AES we provide maintenance services for IDS systems. This includes quarterly system health checks, preventive and corrective maintenance, and failed equipment replacements.


A secure system may have intrusion detection that is interwoven with other layers of a facilities security systems. Access control and video surveillance systems work in unison with intrusion detection and help provide redundancy to have other means of protection in case one or more system fails.

Working together, a fully integrated security solution will help prevent breaches, protect employees, and stop losses. Real-time detection adds a layer of security that provides a quick response to any security breach. Security starts at the perimeter of every site or facility. Having a secure facility and perimeter requires a reliable, secure, and simple to operate intrusion detection system. AES can integrate all your security systems together to provide redundancy and greater robust protection.


There are a variety of options and features to consider when choosing an intrusion detection system. At AES Systems we will work with you to ensure your needs are met through the entire design, build, and install process. Your turn-key IDS system will be simple to understand, free nuisance alarms and provide reliable protection to your facility.

AES Systems helps our clients monitor and respond to any security breach and keep their facilities secure. The processes we use are reliable and simple to implement across all the various platforms we work with. Let us help today in helping to secure your facility with an IDS system.

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Stop intruders at the perimeter of the facility or business with robust, state-of-the-art intrusion detectors. AES Systems makes security easily obtainable with everything from hardwired sensors and detectors, to wireless devices.