Security System Maintenance

In a perfect world, a building security system would be installed and tested, and no further thought would go to it. Unfortunately, like anything else man-made, problems can happen over the years as technology changes or damage to the system occurs. It’s not unusual for a security system to require maintenance and upgrades over time. The fact is, it’s better to conduct routine maintenance on a regular basis to assure the system is in good working order rather than to wait until full rebuilds are needed.

AES can provide assurance that your security systems are operating at their peak with our comprehensive preventative maintenance program. By inspecting and maintaining your systems on a scheduled basis, you ensure optimal up time. This also ensures that any software is up-to-date, too.

Visual Inspection

Backups And More

System Training

System Training

Backups & More

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AES Preventative Maintenance

AES Preventative Maintenance plans cover all types of protection systems including intrusion alarms, video systems, access control systems and integrated solutions; all customized to your needs.

Commercial Security System Maintenance includes:

Virtual Inspection

Our team is able to conduct a virtual inspection of the devices when needed, allowing for an initial inspection to be carried out without interrupting active operations at your facility.

Systems Training

Security system maintenance also includes training for your staff. From intrusion alarms, video systems, access control systems, and other integrated solutions, our technicians can provide the training your staff needs to be able to use and maintain the systems reliably, preventing issues or damage in the future. This also ensures that employees who use the system will be able to use its capabilities to their fullest.

Backups & More

When available, we can provide back-ups and software patch updates for PC-based systems. We are also able to provide comprehensive maintenance plans, which can include device cleaning, walk-tests of devices, and extended warranties.

Maintenance plans can include:

  • Visual Inspection of Devices
  • Walk-test of System Components
  • Cleaning of Devices as Needed
  • Verification of Communication Links
  • System Training
  • Programming Back-up and Software Patch Updates for PC-based Systems (as available)
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual Inspection Options Available
  • Access to Technical Support
  • Equipment Extended Warranty Options