AES Systems specializes in designing/building systems to protect and support criticial energy infrastructure

Market Portfolio

Customizable security and process video solutions for the Oil, Gas, Hydro, Solar, Wind, and Nuclear sectors.

Big Foot Platform 300x300

Chevron Bigfoot Platform

Mcalpine Locks Dam 300x300

McAlpine Locks & Dam

Marine Well Containment 300x300

Marine Well Containment

Perimeter video surveillance/detection at over 30 Nuclear Power Plants across the U.S. & Canada.

Physical security matters in the oil, gas and energy sectors. It ensures the safety of workers, thwarts noncompliance, supports maintenance efforts, and protects critical infrastructure. AES supports companies and contractors in oil, energy, and gas by working with them to develop tailored, integrated security solutions that feature video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection systems.

Our Most Popular Products Include

  • Explosion-proof Cameras and Control Equipment
  • Marine-grade Video Solutions
  • Intrinsically Safe Products
  • Radiation-Tolerant Camera Systems for Nuclear In-Plant Process Monitoring
  • Video Systems Installed on Locks and Dams to Monitor Security and Process
  • Remote Station Video and Security Monitoring
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • Gas Leak Detection Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging Solutions