Energy Sector Security and Process Video systems

AES Systems specializes in designing/building systems to protect and support critical energy infrastructure

Market Portfolio

Customizable security and process video solutions for the Oil, Gas, Hydro, Solar, Wind, and Nuclear sectors.

Big Foot Platform 300x300

Chevron Bigfoot Platform

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McAlpine Locks & Dam

Marine Well Containment 300x300

Marine Well Containment

AES has extensive experience supporting energy projects from large facility wide systems to projects with many smaller remote locations, networked together in the cloud.

These types of projects include:

  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear waste cleanup projects
  • LNG and natural gas processing plants
  • Solar power
  • Wind farms
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Oil pumping stations
  • Oil and gas processing
  • High-voltage sub-stations

The following are some products and services typically deployed in our energy projects.

Cloud Based Security

Cloud based security platforms are a valuable option for many energy sector clients.  It is a way to have multiple remote sites managed from a single platform.  Remote locations can be connected to the cloud platform via cellular or satellite communications.  The cloud platform is designed to manage bandwidth to support areas with limited connection speeds.

Sites can include video cameras, video analytics, access control, audio monitoring, audio talk-down, and a host of sensors to monitor conditions including temperature, noise, moisture, vibration, electrical power, and much more.

Getting real time notifications from remote locations with the ability log in and access the site from anywhere is invaluable.

Video Analytics

Video surveillance cameras can provide much more than just viewing and recording. Video analytics can be deployed at the edge(camera) or server to provide notifications/alerts.

These include intrusion detection, object left behind, license plate scanning, abject analytics, tamper detection, ID verification, object moving in the wrong direction, and many more.  Analytics engines make searching through large amounts of video much faster as you can search for a particular person, object, or vehicle across all cameras.

AI-enabled analytics are being developed and improved for many applications.  They are self-learning and can provide alerts for abnormalities in the video.   These can include concerning behavior, illegal parking, people/vehicles moving in the wrong direction, and slipping/falling.

Fire & Smoke Detection allows for almost instantaneous detection of smoke and/or fires. Upon detection of fire or smoke, alerts are sent for you to act before further damage or injury.

Analytics can be developed for a wide range of applications.  Contact us if you have situations, you would like your video surveillance system to notify you of.

Panel and Cabinet Assembly

 In our panel shop we build junction box assemblies, camera assemblies, custom cable harnesses, as well as network cabinets.   AES supports building panels for safe areas, hazardous areas, marine environments, UL-508A compliant, and much more.

We also build out complete systems including programing and complete system testing.  Shipping a turn-key tested system saves valuable time during installation on site.  AES allow offers remote or onsite support for system commissioning and maintenance.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal cameras offer many benefits in the energy sector.

  • Monitoring flare stacks
  • Monitoring critical equipment
  • Intrusion detection in environments difficult to monitor with visible cameras
  • Looking for gas leaks not visible to the human eye
  • Electrical sub-station monitoring
  • Early fire detection

Our team at AES can assist in providing the correct camera for your application and environment.

Perimeter video surveillance/detection at over 30 Nuclear Power Plants across the U.S. & Canada.

Physical security matters in the oil, gas and energy sectors. It ensures the safety of workers, thwarts noncompliance, supports maintenance efforts, and protects critical infrastructure. AES supports companies and contractors in oil, energy, and gas by working with them to develop tailored, integrated security solutions that feature video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection systems.

Our Most Popular Products Include

  • Explosion-proof Cameras and Control Equipment
  • Marine-grade Video Solutions
  • Intrinsically Safe Products
  • Radiation-Tolerant Camera Systems for Nuclear In-Plant Process Monitoring
  • Video Systems Installed on Locks and Dams to Monitor Security and Process
  • Remote Station Video and Security Monitoring
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • Gas Leak Detection Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging Solutions