Video Surveillance

At AES Systems we take considerable pride in designing and integrating enterprise level video surveillance and process video systems for a wide range of applications and environments. Having partnerships with the top security manufactures and venders allows us to utilize the latest technologies and tools the industry has to offer. We always strive in providing our customers with detailed designs, seamless system functionality, reliable usability and meticulous installations with our video surveillance and process video systems. With over 30 years of experience, a vast project resume and providing unmatched value to our customers, we hope to be your premium security supplier and integrator of choice.

Video Surveillance

Today’s multi-function, multi-faceted video surveillance systems provide much more than just viewing and recording video. New “smart” technologies like video analytics turns video cameras into sophisticated tools to better protect people, property, and provide valuable data that can be implemented to improve facility operations.

Securing and storing recorded data from your video surveillance system through on-site servers or through cloud-based storage applications has never been easier.

AES has the knowledge and experience to Integrate video systems with other technologies and platforms seamlessly. Also, we design build, custom solutions for extreme and complex environments that ensures functionality across all video system platforms.

Video Analytics

Analytics can monitor a range of important types of events and occurrences with your surveillance systems to keep your facility operating smoothly. Your system will be able to flag instances of loitering, detecting when individuals or vehicles remain in a zone for too long, allowing you to easily find and review the incident later.

Additionally, zones can be created to trigger alerts when entered, allowing for greater detailed protection of the more vulnerable areas of your facility. This can be used for monitoring facilities during the day and after hours, alerting personnel to the specific zone or areas to prevent and stop unauthorized access to critical areas.

Analytic data can also be pulled from cameras, allowing you to monitor the flow of people in an area, tracking the number of people, the peak traffic times for established zones, and behavior patterns in these areas. Cameras can also monitor manufacturing and operations processes to detect anomalies or potential hazards.

Data Backup & Secure Integrity

Recorded video and data can be securely stored locally or off-site. AES purpose-built recording servers support on-site recording of few dozen to hundreds of cameras. Cloud-based video surveillance provides the additional security of off-site storage. Back-ups to the cloud are encrypted prior to upload. This entire back-up process can operate independently of your other internal networks for extra security. Combined with triple-redundant video and metadata storage, you can trust that your surveillance data is both accessible and secure with either option.

Solutions Combined

Integrating video surveillance allows for all the different systems and components in a facility to seamlessly work together. This provides a simpler more powerful automated experience interacting with each platform. Systems typically integrated with video surveillance include access control, intrusion detection, audio recording, paging/intercom, PLCs, and automation controls.

Extreme conditions

AES Systems specializes in designing video systems to operate in the world’s most challenging environments. In conditions including extreme heat, chemical hazards, underwater, high radiation, explosive gasses, and other contaminants. These environments require purpose-built cameras and hardware to function and operate effectively and safely. Also, these systems typically require a strict adherence to international trade agreements, compliant manufacturers, and higher standards in assembly and build practices.

AES purpose-built video systems are operating in sites around the world including nuclear power plants, nuclear cleanup sites, industrial factories, oil/gas production, and high-temperature manufacturing.

Our Vendors Partners Include:

Multi-function video surveillance keeps watchful eyes on the premises and can also be managed remotely. When you need visual evidence and positive identification, the latest IP, networked cameras deliver that and more. Use it to monitor activity at your place of business or consider video analytics for true intelligence that adds more tangible value to your surveillance solution.