Security and Process Video for Military Applications

Protecting those that protect us

Market Portfolio

For over 35 years AES has provided equipment and services for Military bases across the US and overseas.

For over forty years AES has been designing and installing physical security and process video systems at military bases and facilities across the United States.

Our systems can be found in hundreds of military sites and include perimeter intrusion detection, facility access control (PACS), facility integrated security systems, and video systems to monitor hazardous processes including weapons testing and chemical weapon disposal.

Military projects typically include the following products and services:

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Many new and proven technologies are available for providing intrusion detection for large areas including visible and thermal Video analytics, Radar controlled camera systems, fence mounted sensors, buried sensors, above ground sensors, and fiber optic-based systems.  Contact us to assist you in identifying the best solution for your application.

Integrated Facility Security Systems

Combining video surveillance, access control (PACS) using government PIV cards, intrusion detection, audio, and intercom, into an integrated system managed from a single integrated platform provides the highest level of security with a user-friendly interface.  AES can assist with a completely new system or support upgrades or expansion of existing systems.

Video Analytics

Video surveillance cameras can provide much more than just viewing and recording. Video analytics can be deployed at the edge(camera) or server to provide notifications/alerts.  These include intrusion detection, object left behind, license plate scanning, abject analytics, tamper detection, ID verification, object moving in the wrong direction, and many more.  Analytics engines make searching through large amounts of video much faster as you can search for a particular person, object, or vehicle across all cameras.

AI-enabled analytics are being developed and improved for wide range of applications.  They are self-learning and can provide alerts for abnormalities in the video.   These can include concerning behavior, illegal parking, people/vehicles moving in the wrong direction, or anything that is out of the ordinary for the area of interest.

The weapon detection solution is valuable in providing active shooter detection warnings before the actual shooting incidents can occur, effectively enhancing proactive measures to save lives.

Fire & Smoke Detection allows for almost instantaneous detection of smoke and/or fires. Upon detection of fire or smoke, alerts are sent for you to act before further damage or injury.

Analytics can be developed for a wide range of applications.  Contact us if you have situations, you would like your video surveillance system to notify you of.

Video Monitoring for Hazardous areas

AES specialized in video systems for monitoring hazardous areas and process.  Purpose built cameras allow monitoring of explosive environments (gas, dust, or liquids), high radiation, chemicals, under water, and areas with high to extreme temperatures.  Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program case study.

Custom Products

Our in-house design team designs and builds custom products for many various military applications.   These include cameras designed for any environment, camera mounts for installing cameras in any application, deployable surveillance camera kits, and much more.