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AES supports industrial customers including Hazardous waste processing, Manufacturing, Chemical, and Construction.

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Chernobyl Site Clean Up

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Fukushima Nuclear Plant

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American Azide Plant

Custom Work. It’s what we do best.

Our Most Popular Products Include:

  • Explosion proof cameras and control equipment
  • Chemical Resistant Cameras
  • Intrinsically Safe Products
  • Radiation tolerant camera systems for Nuclear in-plant process monitoring
  • Video Integration with Process Control Systems
  • Remote station video and security monitoring
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Video Analytics

Cloud Security

Cloud security measures offer multiple advantages over traditional on-site computer storage. First, cloud security doesn’t require a company to build their own server system. Secondly, the information is safely stored remotely, meaning it’s always backed up and can’t be destroyed in case of fire, flooding, or building intrusion. Security is established according to traditional cameras and motion detection devices, uploaded to the cloud where it is to be stored, and remains safely tucked away until such time as needed. Which leads to the third advantage, that it can be accessed anytime by anyone with the proper codes, from their own equipment while away from the workplace.

Custom Products

Traditional cameras are designed for traditional settings, they work great on the corner of most buildings, inside or out, but can’t handle certain situations. A few common custom projects include cameras developed for extreme thermal conditions, extremely dusty areas, or other types of harsh environments. Customization doesn’t always apply to the camera itself, but can further provide specialized mounting systems when a traditional camera mount won’t work in a particular setting.


Surveillance is arguably the most important aspect of a security system. It provides the building owners, managers, and security personnel a way to view their facility in real time as well as historical data. Ideally, the system will rarely or never be needed, but when a problem arises, positive identification of the people there can expedite an investigation and determine the cause of the problem.

Access Control

Access control is also an important part of security. If the system isn’t reliable, is inaccessible, or is too complicated for ease of use, it loses its value. When a problem comes up, the issue needs to be addressed immediately. In the case of theft, the faster it is taken care of the better chances of determining a culprit are going to be. In the event of an accident, security can be of use to determine if it was truly an accident or if there was negligence involved.

Intrusion Detection

Building intrusion is a scary concept under any condition, but this is when a great security system really becomes an absolute necessity. IDS sensors integrated with video surveillance is going to be the best resource toward identifying threats and assessing the situation.

Water-cooled PTZ Camera

PTZ camera system designed for very high temperatures. Using a water chiller, a closed cooling system makes camera installation in areas of over 232 degrees Celsius possible.

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Thermal Camera Enclosures

We provide a germanium window that is added to fixed and PTZ housings for thermal imaging. These housings are designed around other producers of thermal imaging cameras for them to be deployed in harsh areas.

Video Monitoring Components for Hazardous Areas

AES systems create camera assemblies, controls, junction boxes and monitoring facilities to be used in contained and classified areas.

Custom Products

We have designed and built many custom commercial security systems to fit a variety of unique and specific needs.