Why Custom Security Systems are Crucial for Your Facility

Custom Security Systems Are Crucial For Your Facility

Every business and facility have their own unique set of challenges and requirements in maintaining, monitoring, and protecting their employees and assets. One of the best ways in accomplishing this is with a custom security system

When we say custom security system, we mean a fully designed and integrated system tailored specifically for your facility. So many times, business will purchase a security system for their facility through an online retailer or box store, a one-size-fits-all security system and install it themselves. Only to find out it does not fully solve their specific security needs, has deficient performance, reliability and is missing key features needed.

Having a custom security system designed for your facility by a highly experienced security integrator will be crucial in meeting all the challenges and requirements at hand for your facility.

Fully Integrated Security Systems

Securing one’s business or facility might include a surveillance video system, intrusion detection and access control systems. Each type of system plays an important and unique role in securing and protecting a facility.

Video Surveillance systems typically include cameras, recording servers, operator workstations, wired and wireless networking hardware and switches.

Intrusion Detection systems typically include primary control panels, auxiliary control boards, motion sensors, ground sensors, door and window switches, glass break sensors, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Access Control systems typically include primary control boards, door card or fob readers, door locking hardware such as electronic strikes or magnetic locks and biometric readers.

When these systems are fully integrated to work together, they can provide a powerful platform of protections, tools, and resources to your facility all in one place. When a door alarm gets tripped after normal business hours, the relevant camera feeds can be setup to send a snapshot or short video clip to personnel on or off-site to respond appropriately.

Utilizing 2-factor authentication for access control doors which can be visually verified with active database lists and camera feeds working in conjunction. Using video management software to monitor door position switches and sending alarms when doors are held open for too long or not secured closed.

The use cases and applications are seeming endless with fully integrated security systems. Working with a highly experienced system integrator will ensure that hardware across each platform will be compatible and provide your facility a reliable system great functionality every day.

Scalability and Flexibility

Custom security systems can be designed to accommodate for future growth and changes to a business. New threats may arise that were not anticipated, or a facility expansion requires additional surveillance cameras and other devices to cover the growing needs.

Having the ability to adapt and scale with ease will save a business time and money. Budgetary constraints may only allow a business to purchase and install so much of a new system or upgrade components per year. Custom security systems allow for such flexibility by implementing the right hardware and software from the start, which can easily be expanded to, upgraded, and scale up across multiple sites if necessary.

Smart Analytics 

Utilizing the built-in analytic features that are offered in custom security systems will vastly improve day-to-day operations and security around your facility. 

These powerful data-driven tools allow for real-time object recognition, facial recognition, license plate reading, loitering, boundary line crossed, object left behind, people slip and falls, just to name a few. This will provide invaluable data and insight for your organization for years to come.

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